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The BIKE shop workshop

As well as sales we offer a full workshop service for all types of bikes whether supplied by us or not and can undertake all types of work from fixing punctures to full bike servicing and complete custom bike builds and cycle renovation projects.

We endeavour to complete most repairs within 3 working days, sooner if possible subject to any required spares or parts being available from stock. There is no booking in required and repairs are done on a queuing system with completion times being longer during the busy summer season.

Below is a list of some of the jobs we can take on and the labour charges for them:
Workshop labour charges (VAT included)

FULL SERVICE (24” wheel cycle and adults) £60
Full Service (20” Children’s cycle) £30
Full Service (Play Cycle) £20

  • Check and tighten all fixing bolts
  • Check and adjust all bearings
  • True wheels if necessary
  • Check and grease hubs if necessary
  • Inflate tyres
  • Lubricate chain if necessary
  • Replace any worn or damaged parts as necessary
  • Grease seatpost if necessary
  • Adjust gears
  • Adjust brakes
Any cycle brought in for servicing should be reasonably clean otherwise a £10 charge will be made for cleaning before servicing is done.
  • Renew Headset £20
  • Renew Bottom Bracket £20
  • Service Hubs £9 each

BRAKES SERVICE (exc hydraulic disc) £20
(Providing wheels are true)
One brake only £10

  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Fit new brake blocks and cables where necessary
  • Clean rim braking surface where necessary

BRAKES SERVICE (hydraulic disc) £40

  • Clean pads or replace
  • Clean rotors
  • Bleed system as necessary and adjust to eliminate rubbing


  • Check and adjust front and rear gears
  • Lubricate chain and gear changers
  • Fit new cables where necessary
  • Fit new cassette/freewheel and chain £10

Wheel truing from £12

  • Fit new inner tube to rear wheel in cycle £10.99 inc tube
  • Fit new inner tube to front wheel in cycle £9.99 inc tube
  • Fit new inner tube to wheel supplied only £8.99 inc tube
  • Fit new inner tube to rear wheel with hub gears £13.99 inc tube

Bottom Bracket replacement £20

  • Removing old bottom bracket
  • Fitting new bottom bracket
  • Check and adjust gears
  • Cleaning threads if necessary
  • Full bike assembly using parts supplied by customer from £150
  • Assemble bike bought elsewhere £60
  • Build cycle on frameset £125
  • Re-track frame £35
  • Straighten rear drop outs £12
  • Straighten rear gear hanger and adjust gears £20
  • Clean out bottom bracket threads £10
  • Ream out seat tube £15
  • Remove seized seat post from £20
  • Re track complete frame £35
  • Fit new headset/forks £20
  • Strip down and rebuild cycle for respray £140


  • Headset £5
  • Wheel cones £5
  • Chain length £5
  • Handlebar height £3
  • Saddle height £3
  • Sturmey Archer gears £3


  • Overhaul bottom bracket £20
  • Replace crankset £10 (replace left hand)
  • Fit new bottom bracket £20
  • Fit new chain £5
  • Fit new pedals £3
  • Fit new front gear and adjust £10
  • Fit new rear gear and adjust £10
  • Fit new gear cable and adjust £8
  • Fit new Sturmey Archer gear cable and adjust £10
  • Overhaul Campanolo Ergo Lever £25


  • Fit new tube to cycle with enclosed C/guard £14
  • Fit new front wheel £10
  • Fit new rear wheel £15
  • Rebuild front or rear wheel £25
  • Remove wheel, rebuild and refit to cycle £30
  • Tension and redish wheel £18
  • Fit new wheel spindle £10
  • Overhaul Sturmey Archer hub £35
  • Glue on tubular £20
  • Pump tyres (per wheel) £1

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