Cat Eye Q Series Q3

Cat Eye Q Series Q3
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Product Description

Cateye Q-Series 3A Heart Rate Monitor Cycle Computer Introduction
Q-series is an all new multi-sports wrist mounted heart rate monitor with cycle computer functions. Perfect for triathlon or multi-sports events, heart rate can be monitored off the bike while swimming, running, kayaking etc., then all the usual cycle computer functions used and recorded while on the bike.
Using 2.4ghz digital technology the computer receives speed and cadence data from the single ISCTec transmitter located at the bottom bracket. The head unit can also be handlebar bar mounted, using the included mount. Data is stored then downloadable to PC via a USB dongle (sold separately) and is compatible with Cateye?s? E-Train? software for analysis and feedback on your training progress or race performance.

Product Details

Specification & Features of Cateye Q-Series 3A Heart Rate Monitor Cycle Computer
2.4 ghz ISM band digital wireless (ID Coded)
Downloadable (USB Dongle available separately)
5 Heart Rate Zones with audible alarm
Total weekly, monthly & yearly time and distance
Up to 30 stored files
Handlebar mount included

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