Maintaining your Bike

Service Advice

  1. After the first month of riding your bicycle you should have your brakes and gears adjusted as the cables will stretch causing either your brakes to be less responsive and gear slippage.
  2. After the initial service, your bicycle should be serviced by a professional mechanic every 6 to 12 months dependant on the amount of use.

Maintenance Tips
Daily Maintenance
  1. Before setting off on your bike ride, check to ensure the tyres are inflated and the brakes work!
Weekly Maintenance
  1. Give the exposed moving parts a drop of oil, but avoid getting it on the rims or wheels as this could cause problems with braking.
  2. Use an old rag to wipe down any excess oil on the moving parts.
Monthly Maintenance
  1. Check the conditions of the tyres; look out for things like splits, flints and bald spots.
  2. Check the wheels are straight; if they are buckled, we offer a wheel truing service. Also, check the quick release mechanisms to make sure your wheels are not loose.
  3. Check the brake pads for wear and ensure they are aligned correctly. Remove any trapped pieces of metal from the brake pad as this can cause damage to the rim.
  4. Check cables are not frayed, and ensure your gear change is smooth running. A gear service would be advised if you are experiencing problems with your transmission.
  5. Check the handlebars have not become loose as this can affect the steering.
  6. Servicing and repairs are carried out in our on-site workshop. For more information, please visit our workshop page for information and prices.