Choosing the right bike

Choosing the right bike is not as easy as pointing one out of a line-up simply because you like the colour of it. It actually gets more complicated each year as the technology keeps improving.

The first thing to do before venturing out into the world of the bicycle retail is to ask yourself, "What is the type of bicycle that is right for my needs?". If you can answer this, then you're on your way to selecting the right bike.

Once you have identified the bikes purpose you should then identify what the travelling conditions are and for how long you will be riding the bike each day/week/year.

Below are the typical bicycles you will find at "the BIKE shop" and we would always advise that customers visit the store to view the bikes they are thinking of buying and have a test ride if requested.

Once the bike has been chosen we can also fit free of charge any accessories chosen at the point of purchase.

Folding Bikes
Designed for those with limited storage space or if transportation by train or bus is necessary, a folding bike makes perfect sense.

Modern folding bikes are geared and have a proper cycling position so feel natural to ride. They can be quickly and conveniently folded down at the station or when you reach your destination. They also eliminate potential storage problems that normal bikes have as they can be easily stored in a small flat or even under your desk at work.
Hybrid Bikes
Hybrid bikes take the best attributes from both race and mountain bicycle designs and amalgamates them together, finding the perfect balance of comfort and speed. With varying gear ranges and road sized wheels, hybrid bikes can be made to reach high speed acceleration levels. While not sturdy enough to take on roots and rocks like a mountain bike, the hybrid bike has no problems when riding along cobble stone roads or footpaths making it perfect for those looking for a general purpose bike who casually commute or just love to go riding.
Road and Touring Bikes
Although similar in design, touring bikes are built for load bearing. Using slightly more sturdy materials and providing mount points for racks and mudguards touring bikes are very similar to the hybrid designed bicycles but with gear ratios suited towards carrying extra weight.
Racing bikes on the other hand are built to get you from A. to B. in the quickest amount of time possible, hence use the lightest materials possible and use a stretched sitting position providing full power transfer from the leg to the wheel. Although not the most practical bike used for commuting, many cyclists do prefer the race bikes over hybrid bicycles particularly if they commute long distances on a daily basis.

If maintenance is a problem, then maybe a fixed or single speed race bicycle is what you are looking for. Inherently simple by design, a single speed race bicycle is a great way to travel with speed. Although lacking gears, making acceleration and climbing hills difficult single speed bicycles usually cost a significant amount less that a race bike.
Mountain Bikes
Built to take anything that you can throw at them, mountain bicycles are designed to make things that just shouldn't be done on bicycles possible. Traditionally heavier than other bicycle designs mountain bikes have now evolved into a number of sub-mountain bike designs each catering a specific off road task.

Street mountain bikes are like recreational mountain bikes but have been modified for city by the inclusion of slicker, narrower tires and wheels. The street mountain bike also comes with either a ridged "non-suspension" fork or suspension fork to allow for better control of the steering and handling. Due to their inherent mountain bike design many of mountain bike attributes are experienced when riding such a bicycle.

Cross country mountain bikes are built with weight in mind. Usually with less travel than other varieties of mountain bike the cross country mountain bike can be both hard tail and full suspension. Cross country mountain bikes are very similar to the "Street mountain bikes" listed previously but keep with traditional mountain bike components.

Now you know what you're looking for, come to the showroom to test ride a few and see what feels the best for you!